The aim of the KOVZ is to get as many people to orienteering, to get them in touch with the beauty of the sport. To achieve this, the KOVZ is organising up to two training events each month, all organised in or near the city of Eindhoven. The training events are both for newcomers, but also for the more experienced atletes or veteran runners.

KOVZ members will get an e-mail for every training containing the details about the training, non member can use the contact form to enter for a training. The first and second training are for free! After that, we'll ask you to become a member of our club.

Our training events are organised in the forest and urban locations. It depends if a trainer will use common courses or tailormade courses. If common courses are used, the courses will be suitable for all attending levels


Date                      Trainer 
01-10-2022 Peter
26-11-2022 Peter
10-12-2022 Peter


What should I do for a training event?

  1. Check the overview above for the next training and make sure you got time on that day (or, just make some time).
  2. Enter by using the contact form: you will receive the location and time by e-mail.
  3. Come over to our training and we'll help you further!

After the training event there will be time to check and discuss about the course and the choices made. With the map and a drink you can help yourself for future events and orienteering will go better!