Because of the new measures regarding COVID-19 all Dutch orienteering events for at least the next month have already been cancelled. As we want our members to enjoy a sportive lockdown, KOVZ is going to offer you special training facilities in the months to come.

 clogdown logo

A KOVZ Clogdown competition.

For whom?
All KOVZ (prospective) members, the fast ones, the starters, the pro's, the walkers, the young ones, the eldery...

In the weeks to come we will offer you several training facilities in a Corona proof formula: during sixteen days we will set out a course somewhere. During that time you train individually and at your own speed. You can just train, or you choose the competitive way, as you can earn points for every training and for every course you participate. We will announce by e-mail on what dates the training is available, what courses are available and how to register.

Participating in the competitive part is not obliged! If you so wish, you only enjoy the training, without time registration and with no classification in the competition. These training exercises are just meant to keep you going and have fun!

Covid-19 measures are applicable at all times: keep distance (1,5 m), do not touch, bring your mouthmask and a maximum of people together as allowed by the government. Violation of the Covid-19 rules will lead to an absolute prohibition for further activities for all of us!

The schedule below contains the training possibilities planned, each starting on a saturday and ending on the sunday two weeks later.

Training 1             07-11-2020 up to and including 15-11-2020            Oirschotse heide Results
Training 2             28-11-2020 up to and including 06-12-2020            Bestse bos Results
Training 3             19-12-2020 up to and including 31-12-2020            Aarlesche heide Results
Training 4             09-01-2021 up to and including 17-01-2021            Aquabest Results
Training 5             30-01-2021 up to and including 21-02-2021            Oostelbeersche heide Results
Training 6             20-02-2021 up to and including 07-03-2021            Sonse bos Results
Training 7             13-03-2021 up to and including 28-03-2021            Aarlesche heide noord          Results
Training 8             03-04-2021 up to and including 18-04-2021            Westerwijk Results
Training 9             24-04-2021 up to and including 09-05-2021            Oirschotse heide Results
Training 10           15-05-2021 up to and including 30-05-2021            De Sprinkhaan Results
Training 11 05-06-2021 up to and including 20-06-2021 Oostelbeersche heide
Training 12 26-06-2021 up to and including 11-07-2021 Floraplein

For each training you will receive an e-mail to register. 

The standing after training 10.

For the regular courses we will give points according to the time you've set on that specific course:
1st: 10 points
2nd: 9 points
3rd: 8 points
4th: 7 points
5th: 6 points
6th and beyond: 5 points

A special course will have another points system, in that case every runner who completed the full course will get 10 points.

Everyone is allowed to do as many courses as if they wish to do, whenever they want, as long as you complete the course(s) within the allowed training dates.

Will there be time registration?
Nope, we will not use that, everyone will register their own time for themselves.


  • Club members will register their own time (by using a GPS watch or smartphone for example). The KOVZ will trust everyone using fair play;
  • Controls will be approached until you could possibly touch them, but you won't really touch the controls. This of course to make this series apply with the regulations about Corona;
  • Club members who want to participate in the Clogdown will sent their times by themselves.